Kat Wiggins

Kat Wiggins is a native of Florida. She has owned and shown horses throughout her youth and adult years. Kat traveled to Colorado at the age of 18 to work on a ranch training horses, some as young as two years. She has a very strong background in equitation. She took five years of Dressage in her younger years and Hunter/Jumper in her later years.

Kat has been training Dressage and Hunter/Jumper since 2002 and has been praised for her training by World Class riders and Judges. 

Kat also enjoys working with horses that need rehab.  She has brought many horses back from death's door and untrusting horses to love again.

Kat's training philosophy is to teach the student who has the dream to one day own his or her own horse. She focuses on seat, balance and control using horses that will teach the same. Or if you have your own horse, and would like to learn to ride better, she can come to you or haul-ins welcome.

Kat has developed a riding program to customize each and every rider to their needs and wants.  "The Assimilation has Begun" came from Kats belief that a good rider doesn't have to be in the most expensive saddle on the most expensive horse.  A good rider should be judged as a good rider...period!

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