HorseFleet Academy Newsletter

April 2005



The Steeplechase was a beautiful day and I would like to thank:  The Nelson crew, Michael & Nicole Pocchiari, The McDermott’s and visiting family, Ms. Leslie Gady, Shelley Matthews & Malia Waterfield.  We all came back looking like tourist with our tans.


Also, let me thank: the Cope gang, the Kough’s and friends, Lauren & Beth Shanks along with Kate and Sarah Gilford; for traveling down to Myakka City to see the Lipizzaner Stallions in training.  Although it was a long and winding road to get there, it was fun to see these amazing creatures performing their beautiful moves.


The date has been set for the next Fun Show.  Mark your calendars, bring your chairs and pack your cameras for May 21st.  There will be three classes: Walk, Posting Trot; Walk, Sitting Trot, Posting Trot; Walk, Sitting Trot, Posting Trot and Canter.  I have invited a judge and ribbons will be awarded to first through sixth in each class.  Also, there will be exhibitions for your enjoyment that day as well.


For those who do not know yet, the Horseship has landed.  Yes, I now have a trailer to travel with the horses.  Although, this season of showing is almost over, I am looking forward to the fall.  I will keep all of you who are interested in going to a show informed.


Remember in April I will be out of town from Friday 8th through Sunday 17th.


I would like to shout out a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ms. Laura Cope!


HorseFleet Academy T-Shirts are in!  Cadets who do not already have one, please let me know.  Civilians, they are on sale for $14.95.







Ms. Kat