HorseFleet Academy Newsletter

February 2005



The Little Everglades Steeplechase is coming March 6th (Sunday) and a sign up sheet is on the clipboard on top of the refrigerator.  Please sign up by February 15th so I can order the tickets.  Again, tickets are $6 per person or $25 a car load.  Of course there will be no lessons that day.


I do have more information on the LipizzanLipizzaner Stallions.  Once again, I cannot find their show coming to Tampa, but, they do practice and train in Myakka City every Saturday through the end of March starting at 10 am.  Iím thinking we can head down there on March 19th.   If you are interested in going, please let me know.


Donít forget about the best show of all Ė The American Invitational on Saturday April 2nd.  Lessons will be given that morning, tailgate party starting at Raymond James Stadium around 5:30 pm.  Look for the new HorseFleet Academy banner.


HorseFleet Academy T-Shirts are in!  Students who do not already have one, please let me know.  Anyone else who would like one, they are on sale for $14.95.


I have mydates nailed down for when I will be out of town.  My February dates will be Friday 18th through Tuesday 22nd.  Also in April I will be out of town from Friday 8th through Sunday 17th.


If you have any suggestions of something you would like to do or see change, please let me know.  Iím always open to making things better.


Happy Valentineís Day!




Ms. Kat