HorseFleet Academy Newsletter

May 2005



Once again, the American Invitational was top notch.  Thanks to everyone who joined us

Pre-show for our tailgate party.  Special thanks go out to The Hunt Family for saving us that GREAT spot!


The date has been set for the next Fun Show.  Mark your calendars, bring your chairs and pack your cameras for May 21st.  There will be three classes: Walk, Posting Trot; Walk, Sitting Trot, Posting Trot; Walk, Sitting Trot, Posting Trot and Canter.  I have invited a judge and ribbons will be awarded to first through sixth in each class.  Also, there will be exhibitions for your enjoyment that day as well.


I have had several of you ask about cadet’s spending the Summer Days with me.  With the request growing this is what I have decided.  Sign up sheets for the day(s) that your cadet would like to spend the day at the farm, could be all day if you would like.  They will learn about feeding, care, cleaning buckets and tack, bathing and we can even throw in a ride.  Lunch will be off the property in my care.  Summer Day rate: $25.00.


Please don’t forget about the website.  If you have any new photos of your cadet riding, please send them to me.  Check often as the website changes, the pictures of the “new baby” have been out – have you seen her 2 day old picture?


Congratulations to Emma Nelson!  The Nelson Family is now leasing Mouse and I expect to start seeing them more often around the barn.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY’s go out to Brigitte McDermott and Deja Q this month.


Don’t forget to get your HorseFleet Academy T-Shirts.  They make great gifts for only $14.95.







Ms. Kat