HorseFleet Academy Newsletter

September 2005



Mother Nature has not been kind to us.  Although kinder than last year, last year we were not ready to start the horses off at a show.  This year however, and this past month specifically, we have tried twice.  The August 13th show was deep in mud and we decided not to take the horses there, but we went to watch anyway.  I don’t think I could’ve pulled the trailer out of the mud.  Then, August 27th we found a beautiful show ground in Lake Wales.  We got the horses there and Mother Nature wasn’t far behind.  Before the show even started we were drenched to the bone and over the excitement.  We will keep trying!



No lessons for the Labor Day weekend, Friday 2nd – Monday 5th.  I will be out of the galaxy.  Happy BBQing everyone!


Raffle Tickets!  I am raffling off a chance for your cadet to have their very own grooming supplies and bag of treats.  Proceeds will go to the care of the horses.  The grooming supplies comes in a neat back-pack with a nice hard body brush, soft face brush, curry comb, mane & tail comb and a hoof pick.  Tickets are $2 for 1 OR $7 for 5.  Tickets will be sold September 6th until the drawing on September 29th and I will have the winners name in the tack room and of course in October’s newsletter.



I would like to welcome Avery to HorseFleet Academy.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Emma Nelson this month.




Ms. Kat