HorseFleet Academy Newsletter

December 2006



The show on November 4th, “Just A Bit” at Lake Park was a success!!!  Lauren Shanks and Neelix of Rinax showed in 4 different classes.  2 flats and 2 hunter jumper.  Lauren brought home 2 - 2nd, 1 - 3rd and 1 - 5th place.  Congratulations Lauren on a successful day.


Sunny also went with us, but she did not show this time.  She needs a little bit more experience.


I also want to thank:


Beth and Kevin Shanks – for letting me have the privilege of teaching your daughter.

Jeremy – for being so patient all day and giving up your day for your sister.

Megan – for taking care of Sunny all day and for helping back at the farm.

Cate – for helping Megan with Sunny.

Curtis – for all the beautiful pictures that you can now see on the website.

Ashley and Lori – for bringing Killian and Serena and showing us all how it’s really done!

Leslie – although she could not join us that day, she did give us permission to bring Sunny.

And to Shelley, Suzanne, The A&B Appaloosa gang, Perry, Stephanie, Christine and Chris & Bob (Conato’s owners) for showing your support and coming out to spend the day with HorseFleet Academy.  And let’s not forget Sable (the dog), I’m betting she slept good that night.


The dates for the next “Just A Bit” show has changed.  Originally it was December 2nd, it has changed to the 16th.  We will not be making that show with the horses, but if you are interested in going, please come to the farm by 11:30 am and we can head out there.  The next date possibly to take the horses will be January 6th.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Curtis and I had a nice quiet one.


The next Dressage show at Black Dog Farm will be January 27th.  Vanessa Ayers is very interested in possibly showing Neelix of Rinax in the Intro Test A & B.


I will be out of the galaxy December 17th – 23rd returning to lessons on Wednesday 26th.  Merry Christmas!!!  Please mark your calendars.


Speaking of Calendars, HorseFleet Academy Café Press now offers 2007 calendars with all your favorite horses.  There are 4 to choose from.  Makes nice stocking stuffers.  Look for the new Holiday button, then go to the “new section”.


HAPPY November BIRTHDAY to Avery Hopwood!  Oh yeah & me Ms. Kat

HAPPY December BIRTHDAY to Lauren Shanks!

…if I left anyone out, Happy Birthday!

Ms. Kat


FYI: We have  new students: Marie and Sabrina.  Welcome to HorseFleet Academy!