HorseFleet Academy Newsletter

February 2006



I will not be at the farm on the 5th (Super Bowl day) or the 19th of this month.Please mark your calendars for no lessons those days.


The training center for the World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions is down in Myakka City and Iím thinking we will head down there March 11th to see them in training, For those that did not go last year, we enjoyed seeing these magnificent animals in training last year and the cost is free (okay, they ask for a donation).Saturday shows start at 10:00 am.


Also March 5th(Sunday) is the Little Everglades Steeplechase up in Dade City.This was a fun time last year, but for those who did join us, I remember it being HOT!Iíll have sign up sheets for this event if you would like to go.You will need to bring your own chairs for this event.


I would like to thank the 4H Stallions for their visit in December and January.It was great fun!Thanks for the pictures guys; it truly brought tears to my eyes.


CONGRATULATIONS to Suzanne Price for bringing Sadie to a much happier farm and to Leslie for introducing us to Sunshine/Sunny.Iím very happy for both of you for achieving a life long dream.


Jennifer Bryant came out to the farm on January 21st to take some photos of our horses and what an amazing job she did.She plans on returning this month on the 25th to take more.


You can see some of Jenniferís work at: where Curtis and I have been working very hard to bring you a new and exciting idea.


Serena and Ashley are still doing well together.Ashley comes out almost everyday so I hope everyone will get the chance to meet her and her partner Lori.


Shelley is trying to avoid having knee surgery.They have her in physical therapy and hopefully this will do the trick.Luna has decided to feel sympathy pains for her and came up lame also.Keep ya updated on that.


Katie has been offered a wonderful opportunity at school.They have given her a horse to rehab.His name is Romeo and heís 16H Appendix (QH/Thoroughbred) and she is very excited.I wish her well!



Ms. Kat