HorseFleet Academy Newsletter

May 2006



WOW!  March and April flew by and “my bad” I didn’t put out any communication to you guys.  Well let’s make that right and get back on track!


Mouse should be home this month.  As far as I know that cornea transplant was successful and rehab has been good.  Does he have his sight back?  I really don’t know.  Also, is he coming back in the program?  I’m not counting on it.  Remember, Mouse belongs to someone else and I don’t want to step on any toes.  Besides, he will most likely have more rehab to do when he gets home.


On the flip side, Neelix is doing better.  We have to keep in mind that he’s a baby and will only do what you ask of him.  As my cadets, you need to learn how to train this wonderful little guy how to jump and be calm on the other side.  As your captain, I have plans to help you learn that.


Serena went to her new home and I stop in every now and then to check in on her.  She’s really happy and Ashley is doing a great job with her.


April 1st brought us the American Invitationals and for some of you this was your first time.  Once again, we had a great turnout at the tailgate party and out of the 20 tickets I bought, I sold all 20!  It was great to see the Parsons again (Tom, thanks for going with us!)


Summer is coming and I have several people asking about the Summer Day program.  Here’s the information:  M-F 8:30 am – 7:30 pm (drop off and pick up anytime between these hours).  Summer Days offers the cadet to learn behind the scenes everything that it takes to keep a horse in your own care and be able to ride.  During the heat of the day we will leave the farm for lunch and some shopping.  Summer Days will be $40 per day.  It will be open to current cadets only.


Thanks to Lori & Ashley for the jumps that they have been building for us.  The HorseFleet Academy jump is beautiful – Thank You!


Big Katie should be home this summer.  I look forward to learning everything she’s been learning in school.  If any of you see her at the farm, please feel free to ask her questions about what she’s learned to make riding better for her.


I want to wish a Happy Birthday from March to Sarah R., Vanessa & Olivia and from April it goes to Laura.  Do I have any Birthdays in May?  Happy Birthday to you.



Ms. Kat