HorseFleet Academy Newsletter

April 2007


There will be no lessons on (Saturday)April 7thor (Sunday) April 8th.Suzanne, Vanessa and myself are riding in a Dressage Clinic and The American Invitational is Saturday night.The American Invitational is the big event of the year.Even if you donít have tickets to sit with us, but you are going, please remember to join us at the tail gate party before and after the show.Call me at:813-546-7137 to find us.


New designs of t-shirts are now available on Cafť Press.If there is a design not on a specific shirt, bag or hat that you want, please e-mail and let me know what you would like and I can get it done for you within 24 hours.


Pictures from the R&R Fun Show are now on the website.


For those of you that do not know.Q is currently in training to learn tricks.I have hired a lady who has worked in trick training and riding most of her life and she is teaching Q new things.Because of this, Iím going to ask that if you want to give him a treat, please drop it in his feed bucket.In order to teach him tricks, he is learning to be very mouthy again.I donít want anyone to get bit.


Also, the lady teaching him tricks is also interested in teaching trick riding to some of my students.This is a GREAT way to learn balance.If anyone is interested in doing this (not on Q, but on one of her horses), please let me know.I have not worked out all the details of pricing and location, but she wanted me to put the word out.








And a late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Megan



Ms. Kat