HorseFleet Academy Newsletter

March 2007



January brought Vanessa and Neelix their first Dressage show at Black Dog Farms.  Nerves took over in the first test (A), but they were beautiful by the time they halted at X for test (B).  Congratulations on bringing home the 5th and 4th place ribbons.


March 3rd was the R&R Fun Show and I am SO proud of students, horses and parents!

            Lauren Shanks – Walk/Trot – Neelix – 1st

            Lauren Shanks – 18” X – Neelix – 2nd

            Lauren Shanks – 18” X – Neelix – 1st

            Ashley Tantillo – 2’ o/f – Q – 3rd

            Ashley Tantillo – 2’ o/f – Q -1st

            Katie Kough – Intro A – Neelix – 1st

            Vanessa Ayer – Intro A – Neelix – 2nd

            Marie Haberl – Intro A – Romulus – 3rd

            Katie Kough – Intro B – Neelix – 2nd

            Vanessa Ayer – Intro B – Neelix – 3rd

            Marie Haberl – Intro B – Romulus – 4th




There will be no lessons on (Saturday)  April 7th.  The American Invitational is this night.  If you would like tickets to go with HFA, please let me know.  This is the big event of the year.  Even if you don’t get tickets to sit with us, but you are going, please remember to join us at the tail gate party before and after the show.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY – February – Suzanne

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – March – Vanessa


One more thing I would like to mention.  Tippy (the old kitty) is no longer with us. 



Ms. Kat