Prometheus (aka: Encounter At Farpoint)

1996 18.1 HH Black Roan Clydesdale
Full of life. Pro has jumped, is being trained in Dressage & loves to trail ride.

Neelix (aka: Neelix of Rinax)

2002 14.3 HH Dun/White Blue Eye Paint
Sweet and Cuddly. Neelix loves being a school horse and showing in the Dressage arena.

Q (aka: Deja Q)

1995 14.3 HH Bay/White Snow Blanket Appaloosa
Playful and Smart. Q loves to jump, do tricks and is currently being trained Dressage.

Riker (aka: Make It So)

1996 15.2 hh Gruella Appaloosa/Tenn. Walker.
Full of personality, and adventurous on trails. Riker is proud to help beginners learn Dressage or Jumping.

Romulus (aka: Romulan Warbird)

Remembering Romulus
Romulus before/after photos

Jennifer Bryant Photos

Photos in this section courtesy of Jennifer Bryant - Horse Photographer

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